Day 1: Friday 11th June
1er jour: Vendredi 11 juin

9:30 am/9h30

Opening Remarks/Séance d’ouverture

10:00 am/10h00

Session 1: History of the Life Sciences
1ère séance: Histoire des sciences de la vie

“Always Reprehensible and Dangerous to the Fair Fame of Biological Science”: American Biologists  reject Ernst Haeckel’s Evolutionary Religion, 1874-1924 
Daniel Halverson
University of Toronto

LSD Therapy Across Three Continents: Florence Nichols, Frank Lake, and Clinical Theology
Andrew Jones
University of Toronto

Biochemical Networks: The Role of Scientific Communities in Discipline Formation
Joshua Tonkel
University of Notre Dame

11:30 am -12:30 pm/11h30-12h30

Lunch Break/Pause-repas

12:30 pm/12h30

Session 2: Medicine & Society
2ème séance: Médecine et société

Postgenomic Paradox: Microbial ‘Omics’ at the Turn of the 21 st Century
Megan MacGregor
University of Chicago

Values and Safety in Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting
Austin Due
University of Toronto

Charismatic Numbers and Community Medicine: How Statistics Narrated Health and Science in a 1930s Chinese County
Yaming You
Duke University 

2:00 pm/14h

10 minute Break/Pause de 10 minutes

2:10 pm/14h10

Session 3: Mathematics in History
3ème séance: Les mathématiques dans l’histoire

Algorithms in Networks of Ancient Near Eastern Scientific Knowledge
Erica L. Meszaros
Brown University

Knowledges of Geography and Geographies of Knowledge: Martino Martini’s Novus Atlas Sinensis and the Emergence of Mathematical Cosmography
Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh
University of Cambridge

3:10 pm/15h10

Networking Event/Activité de réseautage

Day 2: Saturday 12th June
2ème jour: Samedi 12 juin

10:00 am/10h00

Session 4: Contemporary History & STS
4ème séance: Histoire contemporaine et STS

Social Networks and Scientific Success: A Study of Jeanne Altmann’s Classic 1974 Paper
Samara Greenwood
University of Melbourne

Diagnosis of Disaster: The Circulation of Hubert Lamb’s Climate Attribution Thesis of Sahelian Famine
Robert Naylor and Eleanor Rose Shaw
University of Manchester

11:00 am – 12:15 pm/11h00-12h15

Lunch Break/Pause-repas

12:15 pm/12h15

Session 5: Material Culture
5ème séance: Culture matérielle

Follow the Photographs: Tracing Historical Networks in and beyond the Medical Archive
Michaela Clark
University of Manchester

Paper Money Experiments: News from China to Western Europe
David M. Batt
University of Melbourne

Model Engines and their Friends: Networks of Affection for Engineering Models in and out of the Museum
Francesca Elliott
University of Manchester

1:45 pm – 4:00 pm/13h45-16h00

Networking event/Activité de réseautage

Day 3: Sunday 13th June
3ème jour: Dimanche 13 juin

10:00 am/10h00

Session 6: Social Epistemology
6ème séance: Épistémologie sociale

Trust, Knowledge, and Epistemically Safe Networks
Haggeo Cadenas
UC-San Diego

Blondlot’s N-Rays: A Paradigm Case of Community Scientific Rationality
William Rawleigh
University of Toronto

Transparency in a networked world: Should it be a norm of science communication?
Helen Zhao and Marina DiMarco
Columbia University and University of Pittsburgh

11:30 am – 12:15 pm/11h30-12h15

Lunch Break/Pause-repas

12:15 pm/12h15

Session 7: Early Modern Networks
7ème séance: Réseaux à l’époque moderne

Tincture of Opium: Global Trade to Local Consumption, 1750-1850
Holly Dickinson
Dalhousie University

Asking for a friend: Medical encounters and the social network in William Cavendish’s Booke of Rare Minerall Receipts, c. 1647-54
Sheryl Wombell
University of Cambridge

An Association for Science: The Levant Company in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire
Zeynep Kuleli Karasahan
Johns Hopkins University

1:45 pm – 2:45 pm/13h45-14h45

Keynote Speaker/ Conférencière invitée

“Informational networks and the Extended Mind”
Dr. Karina Vold
University of Toronto

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm/15h00-17h00

Networking event/Activité de réseautage

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